Gaming For Pixels Partner Interview: Hyacinth Nil and Reed Lewis – Co-founders, Abyssal Uncreations

As part of our Gaming For Pixels interview series, The Pixel Project spoke to Hyacinth Nil and Reed Lewis, co-founders of Abyssal Uncreations. Hyacinth Nil is a nonbinary interactive artist, musician, and game maker from New York. They make things about gender, kink, computers, alien ruins, dead gods, and the stuff that scares us. Reed Lewis is a […]

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Gaming For Pixels Interview: Stephanie Harvey (missharvey), Co-Founder of Misscliks and Counter-Strike Player at CounterLogic Gaming

Welcome to The Pixel Project‘s interview with Stephanie Harvey, Co-Founder of Misscliks. A five-time world champion in competitive Counter-Strike, and longtime female pro-gaming icon, Stephanie Harvey currently plays professionally for the all-female team CLG Red. She also worked as a game designer for Ubisoft Montreal, having notably been part of development for Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands […]

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