About the Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal Campaign

The Pixel Project’s Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign is an online campaign that will benefit the movement to end VAW in 2 ways:

  • Raise US$1 million in aid of The Pixel Project by getting the global online community to collectively unveil a world-exclusive million-pixel collage of mystery Celebrity Male Role Model portraits by donating US$1 per pixel. Every dollar donated reveals 1 pixel of that portrait.
  • Highlight the important role that good men worldwide play in stopping VAW. Our distinguished line-up of mystery Celebrity Male Role Models includes a Nobel Laureate, a Pulitzer Prize Winner, and a superstar Environmentalist who have each recorded an exclusive public service announcement to be launched on YouTube when his picture is revealed.

For VAW to end, men and boys need to be involved in efforts to end the violence. The Pixel Reveal campaign intends to do just that by triggering conversations about VAW worldwide and inspiring men and boys to take action to stop VAW in their communities.