Spring Slam 2017 Prizes – How It All Works (AKA How To Win Your Prizes)

Welcome Spring Slam Gamers! Check out 2 ways of snagging a prize for yourself:

How To Snag A Prize #1: “Set and Earn” Prizes

Most of the Spring Slam prizes are limited-availability goodies awarded based on a “set and earn” model which encourages gamers to set their own fundraising goals based on the different fundraising achievement prizes available. The gamer will then have to reach or exceed said goal as quickly as possible to get the reward(s) attached to it.

Here’s an example:

There are 5 units of Supergiant games set (BASTION + TRANSISTOR) available for gamers who fulfil their $100 fundraising goal.  So gamer who wants to try for this prize decides to set their fundraising goal at $100 when they sign up for the Spring Slam. To earn this prize, the gamer will need to raise $100 as quickly as possible before all 5 units of the prize are earned by other gamers.

And if there are more than one type of prize attached to a fundraising achievement level, the prizes will be randomly assigned to the winning gamers.

Check out the awesome list of “Set and Earn” prizes here.

How To Snag A Prize #2: “Participation Bonus” Prizes

Thanks to some of our super awesome Gaming For Pixels partners, there are three (3) participation bonus prizes available:


Participation Bonus Prize 1: To encourage gamers to sign up for the Spring Slam, Abyssal Uncreations has created a tiny Twine game called _TRANSUBSTANCE especially for Spring Slam participants. The first 30 gamers to sign up will receive the download code for the game as long as they raise a minimum of $50 for the cause. There are only 30 copies of this game in existence!

Participation Bonus Prize 2: 10 Spring Slam participants will be randomly selected to receive the download code for the soundtrack album of MR CATT courtesy of IMBA Interactive.

Participation Bonus Prize 3: Fundeavour will provide 1000 bonus Gold Points (also known as GP, a virtual currency on their site) for any Fundeavour members who participate in the Spring Slam. Fundeavour is a 10,000-strong community of gamers from 22 countries who are building their careers in eSports, Youtube and livestreaming their gameplay. These Gold Points will be counted towards the total points they can earn and eventually trade in for Fundeavour rewards like Steam wallet codes, headsets and more! Gamers who are not yet Fundeavour members are welcome to sign up for Fundeavour before signing up for the Spring Slam.

For participation bonuses #1 and #2, all gamers who sign up will be logged by our donation platform provider’s system and we’ll notify you if you’re won the prize.

Any other questions about prizes or the Spring Slam? Check out the FAQ page.