General FAQs

 About The Pixel Project

1. Is The Pixel Project a registered charity/non-profit organisation?

Yes, we are a 501 (c ) 3 tax exempt non-profit organisation which can issue tax-exempt receipts which are valid for U.S. citizens.

As The Pixel Project matures and accrues more funds for our work, we will be working on becoming a registered charity/nonprofit organisation in countries beyond the U.S.

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2. Is The Pixel Project solely focused on fundraising for the cause?

While the Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign is our flagship fundraiser and one of the innovative micro-fundraisers that we run, fundraising is only one-third of our work.

The second component is our massive global awareness raising campaigns, programmes and initiatives that we hope will galvanise a worldwide grassroots movement towards stopping violence against girls and women.

Finally, we are proud to say that we are a “first step” organisation inspiring many people all over the world who have never supported the cause before to volunteer their time, energy and expertise to help end violence against women (VAW).

The Pixel Reveal campaign best exemplifies our approach, which is to fulfil the triple bottom line of raising funds, awareness and volunteer power for the cause.

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3. So what sort of awareness-raising programmes and activities does The Pixel Project run?

We currently run a number of innovative ongoing online awareness-raising programmes including:

  • Our Read For Pixels campaign – Working with award-winning bestselling authors to reach out to fandoms about VAW and raising funds with the geek community for the cause.
  • Our Twitter Tag Team – Bringing the global audience worldwide relevant news and helpline information on VAW almost round the clock.
  • Our Facebook page – Providing up-to-date news, ideas to stop VAW and a discussion forum for fans to talk about VAW.
  • Our Music For Pixels campaign – Working with YouTube artistes and fans to raise awareness and funds for the VAW cause. Programmes under this campaign include “Artiste of the Month”, the “YouTube Cover Carnival” and the “16 For 16″ digital EP.
  • Our Survivor Stories campaign – An annual campaign featuring blog interviews with VAW survivors sharing their stories.
  • Our 16 For 16 campaign – An annual marathon blogging campaign featuring 16 articles revolving around lists of 16 VAW-related ideas/people/actions in honour of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence.
  • Our 30 For 30 campaign – Our annual Father’s Day blogging campaign featuring 30 interviews with 30 dads from around the world.

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4. Why does The Pixel Project focus on online campaigns?

We are a live worldwide grassroots-focused nonprofit with a strong emphasis on interacting with you because you too have a stake in stopping violence against women.

1 in 3 women worldwide experience gender-based violence at some point in their lives, be it domestic violence, rape, forced marriages, child marriages, street harassment, honour killings, female genital mutilation or human trafficking.

Online channels — be it social networking sites, blogs, forums or even good ol’ email — is fast becoming one of the primary ways in which people communicate all over the world. It enables us to generate these crucial conversations in a virtual environment that reaches everyone, everywhere, anytime, anywhere.

It is our hope that these conversations, once sparked online, will move into the outside world. We all need to break the taboo and to have these conversations which will lead to concrete action.

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5. Where is The Pixel Project based?

While we are a 501 (c ) 3 tax exempt non-profit organisation registered in the U.S. (California), we are a virtual organisation with no physical location or official mailing address.

Our home is our website and our presence is worldwide and takes the form of wherever our volunteers are located.

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6. So where else are you besides

We write about the progress of our work, initatives, programmes and campaigns on our main blog.

We are on Facebook where we are gathering momentum with our campaign to eventually reach 1 million supporters for ending violence against women.

We are on Twitter where we tweet information about VAW news and intervention tips daily and where you can interact with us. We are also gathering momentum with our Twitter campaign to reach 1 million supporters.

We are on YouTube where we are working on uploading our media coverage videos, vlog entries, Public Service Announcements etc.

We are on Instagram where our statement picture campaigns are run.

We are on Tumblr where we post selected videos and statement pictures to engage with young people from around the world.

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