Claiming the Witching Hour Studios Google Hangout Roundtable Prize

Hello Spring Slam Gamers!

Interested in trying your hand at the challenge of winning one of the three places on the Google Hangout roundtable with Witching Hour Studios?

Please carefully read the very reasonable terms and conditions from Witching Hour Studios and The Pixel Project (the organisers) as listed out below before going for this prize as you will be expected to abide by it.

  1. This is all about supporting The Pixel Project’s “Gaming For Pixels” campaign and the cause to end violence against women. Witching Hour is donating this reward with good cheer, and each winner agrees to accept the reward in the same spirit. As such, this prize may not be re-sold to another party. If Witching Hour Studios discovers this has happened, it will immediately forfeit that place in the Hangout for both the original Hangout winner and the person who paid to take over the opportunity.
  1. Witching Hour Studios agrees to provide one (1) Google Hangout roundtable for a maximum of three (3) winners who set and reach the $500 fundraising target during the Gaming For Pixels Spring Slam 2017. A “Google Hangout roundtable” is defined as a group Google Hangout which all 3 winners attend simultaneously.
  1. The Google Hangout will be held before and no later than 31 December 2017 after which the prize will expire.
  1. As this is a private Google Hangout, the winners may not include anyone else in the session. However, the winner(s) may nominate someone to take their place at the session. If a winner chooses to do this, they must notify The Pixel Project as soon as possible.
  1. As there is only one Google Hangout roundtable session available for 3 winners, Witching Hour Studios will do their best to accommodate time zone differences and to schedule the session during which all winners are awake and available to attend the Hangout.
  1. If a winner cannot attend the scheduled Google Hangout at the last minute (i.e. only notifying Witching Hour Studios and The Pixel Project up to a week before the scheduled Hangout or being a no-show at the Hangout), they will automatically forfeit the Hangout and no replacement will be provided.
  1. If a winner notifies Witching Hour Studios and The Pixel Project at least 8 days ahead of the scheduled Hangout that they require a change of date, the Hangout will be rescheduled in consultation with the other two winners in order to fit into everyone’s schedule.
  1. Witching Hour Studios reserves the right to change the date and time of the Google Hangout roundtable if there are any emergencies or disruption in their schedule. If this happens, Witching Hour Studios undertakes to notify all winners and The Pixel Project in a timely manner and will reschedule the Hangout for another date and time that suits all the winners.
  1. Witching Hour Studios reserves the right to grant any winner’s requests to meet their other staff apart from the co-founders (e.g. their artists or developers). This will be at their sole discretion.
  1. As this is a private Google Hangout, this session will not recorded as Google does not provide this facility for private Google Hangouts.