How Your Donations Help

Welcome to our donation breakdowns page where you can find out how your donation to Gaming For Pixels fundraisers will be used to support The Pixel Project‘s anti-Violence Against Women campaigns, programmes and projects.

All donations/funds raised count towards our $1 million dollar goal set by our Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign. The breakdown below is based on this.

It’s time to stop violence against women. Together.


Examples of how funds will be used according to standard pixel donation amounts

Donation Amount What your donation will support at The Pixel Project
US$10.00 30 minutes of programming work for developing online apps and tools for educating the public about violence against women, and providing safety information for victims and their friends and families.
US$15.00 1 month of VPS (Virtual Private Server) service for the daily Anti-Violence Against Women Helpline Session on Twitter.
US$25.00 1 hour of 1 Pixel Project volunteer staff working on anti-violence against women campaigns, programmes, and operations. Work includes (but is not limited to): developing new resources and materials for victims and their supporters; running live educational anti-Violence Against Women online events; and connecting victims/survivors with the frontline services they need.
US$50.00 1 month of internet access for 1 Pixel Project volunteer staff working on campaigns and/or operations.
US$100.00 Supports annual budget for technology tools for The Pixel Project’s campaigns, operations, and programmes.
US$200.00 1 month’s maintenance fee for websites hosting The Pixel Project’s campaigns, programmes, resources, and projects.
US$250.00 1 year of dedicated server hosting for The Pixel Project’s main website which include anti-Violence Against Women resources such as helpline directories and helpsheets.
US$500.00 Supports budget for creating 1 short educational video about violence against women.
US$1000.00 Supports annual budget for development and distribution of anti-Violence Against Women materials, technology, and tools.

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The Pixel Project: How the funds will be spent

Budget Item Amount of Funds Allocated + Breakdowns Duration of Budget
Ongoing Programs, Projects, and Campaigns $120,000 for developing and expanding the capacity of The Pixel Project’s existing programs, projects, and campaigns including:
a) Read For Pixels
b) Gaming For Pixels
c) Portraits For Pixels
d) Blogging campaigns (16 For 16, 30 For 30, Survivor Stories)
f) Video campaigns (PSAs and mini documentaries)
g) Music For Pixels campaign
6 years at $20,000 per year.
Development of new Programs, Projects, and Campaigns $120,000 for seeding up to 4 new programs/projects/campaigns that may include:
a) Anti-Violence Against Women educational tools (e.g. interactive platforms, public service announcements, mini documentaries etc)
b) New awareness and education campaigns
6 years at $20,000 per year.
Small grants for other anti-Violence Against Women nonprofits/charities $200,000 to be divided into 8 x $25,000 grants to be awarded by The Pixel Project to 8 selected small anti-Violence Against Women nonprofits. 1 year. Grant recipients will be announced and awarded upon the completion of the Pixel Reveal campaign.
Capacity Building: Human Resources $180,000 for stipends/allowances for core volunteer executive/program officers running and implementing The Pixel Project’s campaigns. 4 years at $45,000 per year.
Capacity Building: Operations $50,000 for operations expenses needed to keep The Pixel Project running. 8 years at $5,000 per year (+ $10,000 in reserve).
Travel and Outreach $40,000 for The Pixel Project team members to travel for :
a) initiatives/programmes/events requiring in-person attendance e.g. video shoots for PSAs, providing educational talks/lectures etc.
b) conferences and workshops to foster and build networks and collaborations, to keep up with the latest developments
4 years at $10,000 per year.
Supplementary Funds $40,000 of unrestricted funds for:
a) Any additional operations or human resources expenses
b) Any additional campaign, project, or program expenses
c) Any additional travel funds required.
d) Any additional tech development expenses.
4 years at $10,000 per year.

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